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I am Cruz Salazar, owner/operator of Custom Kittys, I have been making cat furniture since I was 16! I taught my self how to make cat furniture & have been running Custom Kittys for 7 years. In these years I have made just about all types of custom cat furniture work; From simple custom scratching posts, to whole rooms designed just for the kitties! I've done & know aall about furnishing the kitties. I am a cat furniture specialist! you tell me your budget & your need, & I will design for you the perfect piece of cat furniture. Or chose from my line of cat funiture that I guarantee is the strongest sturdiest built on the market.

I use zero glues or add any chemicals while constructing your furniture. I am a master of wood & carpet! Thousands of upholstery staples are placed individually between the carpet fibers fixing the carpet in place, cat furniture in pet stores & the "faux fur" cat furniture sold online simply cannot be compared! Real lumber, carpet, staples, nails, screws & sisal rope are my construction materials. 100% of my furniture is covered, kitty will never come in contact with anything but carpet & rope! All my furniture comes 100% assembled & it is delivered by us. My prices are based off only materials + construction time. You pay zero retail mark-ups! Save Huuge & get the highest quality! The best product & deal, thats Custom Kittys!

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